The pilot art project “K.onvergent Language” ecstatically organized together with the Castle’s English Institute, was a first step to reveal my artist's statement.


This exhibition symbolized the interconnection between divergent places, people, events, objects… that eventually converge into a single language of human emotions. And these emotions tap into our “awe-spots”, provoking us to peek from an unusual angle at ordinary things through the maze of our own perceptions.


Images displayed at the exhibition originated from several countries of Eastern and Western cultures. This choice of places represents the course of the sunlight floating from East to West, connecting everyone. In these photos one can see objects of urban environments and societal landmarks with similar attributes of shape and color to represent the idea of universal connection in our lives.


Some of the pictures are black and white, some are in color, and only very few of them are retouched to emphasize the light. Different angles made it possible to bring visual fascination to the audience, and together with the titles of the artworks this “K.onvergent Language” collection encourages people to connect to their inner feelings or, as I like to call them, “awe-spots”. For instance, viewers might be confused when looking at the image of a tower. Is it in Paris? Is it in Tokyo? Is this even a tower at all?


People speak different languages with different grammar rules and various dialects and accents. But what unites everyone is a universal language of our feelings, emotional drives, and the Light. And even our material surrounding can speak in this language – it’s just a matter of paying attention.


K.onvergent Language: 08.Feb - 04.Apr, 2008, Luzern, Switzerland.


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