Hello everyone,


I'm a visual artist conveying dramatic stories of sophisticated characters, their complex nature and urban lifestyles mostly through the media of photography with intentional symbolism in my artwork.


But please don’t label me as a photographer and don’t put me in a box of a particular field of photography. The purpose of my artworks and projects is to make an allegorical statement, not to adhere to some rule about consistency in lighting technique or tonal range. I want to tell a story, instead of just showing you what I can do.


Technically speaking I blend aesthetics of narrative and fashion photography with staged or actual urban settings, and sometimes with literary captions to create conceptual imagery of people or abstracts. I pay very careful attention to every single detail in the frame to ensure its strong symbolic role in the motif of my artworks. This results in fine art prints, albums, videos, exhibitions, art or entertainment events and other creative projects. Some people call my works “photo-stills of imaginary movies where the protagonist is philosophy of unconditioned life.”


I prefer to deliver my artworks and projects “on-demand” satisfying the contemporary needs and curiosity of my audience through blending their desires with my idiosyncratic artistic expression.


My muses are dichotomy and interconectedness.

If you’re interested in collaborating with me on a creative project or in purchasing any of my artworks, please K.ONTACT me to discuss concrete aspects and conditions