K.REATURES is a multi-media philosophical art-project that was launched in New York City in October 2013, and was on a World Tour in 2014 with a closing show in Zürich, Switzerland in 2017.


This is a series of movie-like still imagery telling a story of a human battle with dichotomy. The characters in this collection ("k.reatures") represent conflicting elements of human nature that coexist in each one of us, and they evolve through emotional life experiences with the ultimate purpose of “knowing thyself.”


In subconscious of bright personalities lie dark spots of edgy fantasies. Equally, dangerous characters have spiritual light concealed within their defensive shells. Forgiveness is the mysterious key element that enables us to acknowledge this everlasting duality, respect it, and enjoy congruent authentic living.


Here and now: black or white, good or bad, damaging or constructive, sober or drunk, artificial or authentic, sweet or bitter, cold or warm - it is all within us. Human behavior is not necessarily representative of what is happening deep inside our psychic. Society dictates certain norms of acceptable behavior, but who defines the norm, especially when it comes to individual freedom of self-expression? Surely, morality and universally agreed upon ethics are crucial pillars of any well functioning civilization but when the light goes off and individuals go back to their secluded private habitat, when they take off masks of acceptable behavior and remove all clothes and accessories that portrayed a certain image of their inner selves during the day, - what is left? Who is the judge of what's accepted and what is not?.. It is clearly between and individual and her or his own construct of the world. There is no religion or politics in a private bathroom...


The exhibited photographs are filled with strong symbolism, controversial representation of dichotomy through cinematic interplay between people, religions, and cultures, and wrapped in aesthetics of fashion and glamour.


This collection consists of 11 big format prints representing key scenes from this intense story of dichotomy. The full narrative is shown in a 14min HD color film made of still photography with exclusive soundtrack—also available on DVD enclosed in the show’s art-book. Besides this film, the DVD in the book also contains a documentary “making of” showing the backstage process and revealing artist’s ideas and cues.


…A man and a woman appear in the room 22 and “the battle” begins. Every actor in this narrative plays a dual role of their “positive” and “negative” sides. The plot develops through the scenes of love and connection, revenge and aggression, jealousy and possessiveness, betrayal, acceptance and forgiveness, with the occasional appearance of the mysterious “kabuki” character. Since these characters are metaphorical representation of dichotomous components of personalities, there could be various interpretations of how exactly the story evolves: who dominates whom, who loves whom, who kills whom, who survives and why, and what the ending means. Even though the story ends with the scenes of characters’ mortality, it gradually loops into some elements of the opening shots to underline the cyclic nature of our lives.

The samples I published here are not in a particular order of the K.REATURES' story, but you'll get an idea...


On my social media acounts (InstagramTwitterFacebook) you can see the public coverage of this show (NYC - October 2013; Paris - April 2014; Los Angeles - June 2014; Zürich - September 2017).